Home CELEBRITY GOSSIP Zuchu accepts Anjella’s request to collaborate with her.

Zuchu accepts Anjella’s request to collaborate with her.


Finally the artist Zuchu has answered his beautiful colleague in the Bongo Fleva industry, Anjella about her request to collaborate with him.

This is after Anjella claimed that her long-time dream has been to collaborate with Zuchu but she also revealed that the other day they met but she was afraid to raise such an issue.

“I really want to collaborate with Zuchu, but the other day I met her at the Fulani studio but I couldn’t tell her this issue, I will be very happy if this happens,” Anjella said.

Later, this confession reached Zuchu who responded through his instastory seeming to agree to do the collaboration in order to fulfill the long-time dream of his fellow queen.

Zuchu asked Anjella to send a song so that she could listen to it and know where she would add her stitches in the whole process of making a domain dance.

“Send a song sister, let’s do it,” Zuchu wrote tagging Anjella.

For a long time, many have been thinking that the two are not in a good state of harmony due to the situation in which they found themselves. It will be remembered that Anjella was there as one of the artists under the Konde Music Worldwide label owned by Harmonize while Zuchu is under WCB Wasafi owned by Diamond Platnumz.

Due to Diamond and Harmonize not having a good cooperation in the music industry, many fans knew that anyone who is on the WCB Wasafi label directly becomes an enemy to the one who is in the Konde Gang without caring about the essence of the owner’s dispute of those labels.

But after Anjella came out the other year, it seems that she has gained complete freedom to decide what she wants, and to make it clear that she wants to collaborate with Zuchu is one of her decisions to talk about the challenges and obstacles as an independent artist.