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Zeraki Learning App for Android Latest Version.


Zeraki Learning App is a video-based digital learning platform that allows high school students to watch video lessons, take quizzes and track their performance.

The platform consists of video lessons and revision quizzes for 15 subjects approved by KICD, prepared by some of Kenya’s best teachers.

Download Zeraki Learning App for Android

Download the app below and install it on your mobile.

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What the app offers For Students:

1. Ability to revise content already covered in class and learn new material for various topics ahead of the student’s current class through comprehensive video lessons based on the Kenyan 8-4-4 curriculum and approved by KICD.

The subjects covered are; Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, CRE, IRE, History, Agriculture, Home Science, French, Computer Studies & Business Studies.

2. Comprehensive quizzes, ability to identify various strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects/topics enabling the student to focus on specific areas of improvement.

3. Access to various practicals in the sciences as recommended in the syllabus as well as previous KCSE Sciences Practicals for revision.

4. Access to curated learning material tailored for the specific student from their respective school through notes & assignments.

5. Access to quality & standard termly exam papers with marking schemes for revision based on content covered.

6. Ability to track your learning progress in real time from your own extensive dashboard.

What the Zeraki Learning app offers For Teachers:

1. Ability to engage your students with assignments, notes and revision material especially over the holiday without need direct engagement with one’s students.

2. Ability to access & tracks students’ engagement with assignments and notes provided by the school and to track the general learning progress for individual students.

3. Access to KICD-approved syllabus content for complimentary teaching.

What the app offers For Parents:

1. Ability to identify their child’s strengths and weakness in every subject and monitor the child’s learning progress from the comfort of your own device.