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Zari Hassan Spoils Her Son With A Flashy Car On His Birthday


Socialite Zari Hassan surprised her son, Pinto Tlale with a brand new car on his 20th birthday. Zari took to her Instagram page to reveal that her son was unaware of the events of the day before they went to a car dealership. Zari uploaded a video of herself and pinto through which she narrated how she told her son that she was heading to the venue of the business venture. She narrated,
“He recently registered a logistics and construction company. I told him I found a perfect address for his business. He thinks it’s where we are going Shhh,”
Zari Hassan took to social media to post a special message to her son. She wrote,
“Happy birthday Pinto Tlale. Dude, you don’t seem to be a fan of single shots… love you kido,”

“My children did not approve of my relationship with Shakib but after witnessing how close we were and happy, they asked him to ensure that he takes good care of me. I have everything I have ever wanted in this world God had blessed me I have a beautiful life, my kids are okay and my business is thriving and I get gigs here and there.”

Last year in November Zari gifted her son a brand new iPhone 14 pro max. Zari used her socials to announce to her fans and followers that since her son deserved a better phone and so she settled for an iPhone. The phone retails between 190k to 300k depending on the country of purchase and specs as well.
She also announced that she appointed her son as the new Junior Executive Director of the college. Her son Pinto Ntale, was named as the official heir of Ivan Ssemwanga’s properties following a family meeting.

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