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You Will Go Down, Raila Tells Ruto About Taxes


The leader of the Azimio, Mr Raila Odinga has insisted that President William Ruto has nothing but to reduce the suffering of Kenyans this year instead of blaming the opposition for failing to fulfill his election promises.

Mr Odinga said he expects this year 2024 to be better for citizens “than 2023 in which the Kenyan kwanza government made the lives of many people  difficult”. He criticized the government for ignoring the cries of the people who voted for President Ruto’s promises.

Speaking in Kakamega yesterday, the ODM leader said Dr Ruto has forgotten the youth, vegetable mothers, bodaboda and juakali workers who he is carrying the burden of the cost of living even though he promised to give them importance.

“William Ruto promised all Kenyans that they would be part of his government. Today they look at the government with Viusasa. He no longer talks about them. 2024 should be a year of change, a year of lower cost of living, making life cheaper and bringing smiles back to Kenyans,” said Mr Odinga.

He advised President Ruto to recognize the needs that the common man wants to be given priority and reduce taxes claiming that many Kenyans are suffering and frustrated because they do not have food, shelter and cannot afford good health services.

As the year begins, let us first consider the plight of Kenyans who are unable to put a bite in their mouth before thinking about other things so that 2024 will be better than 2023,” he added.

This comes after the Azimio leader previously gave a list of measures that his wing will take against the government, which includes leading protests if the government fails to reduce the cost of living.

“I am calling on Kenyans to prepare for difficult times while there is a possibility of marching to pressure the government to reduce the cost of living,” he stressed.

Some of his supporters who filled the Bukhungu stadium asked him to call a protest immediately.

“We want unity!! Let’s announce the protest!!! We want a demonstration, threaten us with a demonstration,” they said.

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