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Wonders of the Teardrop Virgin Mary Statue in New Mexico.


Catholics in Mexico were left stunned after witnessing a real-life ‘miracle’ of a statue of the Virgin Mary ‘weeping’ – and the astonishing event was caught on film.

The alleged miracle is said to have happened in a church in El Canal, a community in the state of Colima, Mail Online reported.

Hundreds of believers and spectators have flocked to the spiritual statue in the hope of seeing the Virgin Mary who was shedding tears.

A video that was posted on social media showed water drops falling from the statue’s eyes and running down its face. Others have said that the idol’s eyes turned red as tears flowed from her.

“Similarly, when we cry, and our eyes are red, the same thing happens with pictures,” local resident Victor Ramos was quoted by the magazine.

Some locals have continued to associate Mary’s tears with the ongoing violence in the state of Colima this year. According to Mail Online, as of October, there have been 702 intentional homicides confirmed by the Colima Prosecutor’s Office.

The statue’s tears have led viewers to believe that it is trying to symbolize peace in a society full of violence. In April, the Vatican academy in Italy decided to investigate ‘mysterious phenomena’ around the world including ‘weeping’ statues of the Virgin Mary, stigmatization and apparitions under plans for a new dedicated investigation.

The International Pontifical Mariana Academy, which describes itself as a sacred scientific institution, hopes to uncover ‘nearly a hundred ongoing phenomena’ in Italy alone.

On top of immersing themselves in the miraculous cry of the Virgin Mary around the world, they are also committed to investigating apparitions, inner spaces and stigmata – which believers see as physical marks, scars or pains corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ.

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