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Woman Shot Dead by her Teen Brother over Christmas Gift

Christmas always comes with memories bothe good and bad, sad and happy ones. During this period, families and relatives join together to share love and happiness together after a whole year of being scattered in various areas of work and livelihood.
For a family in Florida, USA, this year’s Christmas will remain as a sad memory for them after losing their daughter in a bizarre manner ocassioned by Christmass expectations. The 23 year old lady was shot dead on Christmas eve after an argument involving her and her two younger brothers over Christmass gifts.

The lady identified as Abrielle Baldwin was shot on her chest by her 14-year-old brother. The incident happened after the three siblings went Christmas shopping with their mother and Ms Baldwin’s two sons. They later went to their grandmother’s house where the two bothers were involved in verbal argument oon who is getting what for Christmas.

The suspect, Damarcus Coley, the 14 year old, was angered that his brother, Darcus Coley, 15, was getting more gifts than him. The deceased lady tried getting them apart but the teenager threatened to shoot her sister and her baby too before actualizing her threat by firing her on chest.

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