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Winnie Odinga Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Education, Career


Winnie Odinga is a popular name in Kenya especially as far as politics in this country is concerned. Winnie Odinga is a unique name that some would say need no introduction as she is the most vocal and popular daughter of Kenya’s best opposition leader of all time, Raila Odinga. Despite her popularity, there are some facts that still are not known to many and that is why it is necessary to write her biography.

Winnie celebrates her birthday on 6th March every year since 1990 when she was born and is now 33 years old. Though it is needless to mention, her parents are Raila Amollo Odinga and Mama Ida Odinga. Her parents, specifically her mother gave her the name Winnie after the late Winnie Mandela whom she [her mother] was inspired by her personality and so she hoped to infuse the same to her own daughter by naming her the same.

Winnie Odinga had the rare privillage of attending some top schools within the country due to her family background which enabled them to manage to pay her school fees in any institution of her choice. She started at the Rusinga Schools before moving to Brookhouse school. Later, she acquired her degree in International Business and Corporate Communication from the prestigious university of Pennsylvania in USA.

Her career path is not quite clear or rather full of activities but one sure thing she revealed is having a photopraphy company which she established while still in school. In 2022, she got nominated to serve as an MP in the East Africa Legislative Assembly. Winnie also serves her father as a personal assistant whereby she carries his briefcase and other valuables. She is ever present alongside her father in international visits making her be seen as a dad’s favourite.

The MP is not yet married and has never revealed if she is seeing someone. In the past interviews, she one time revealed that she would do her wedding at the State House if her father would have won the 2022 general elections but now that he failed to get into State House, it is not clear when and where Winnie will have her wedding.

Her networth is not publicly available but being an EALA MP makes her earn about 800,000 Kenyan Shillings and her personal businesses can account to her wealth being close to over ksh. 5000, 0000, 000

She has frequently been seen riding a motorbike and so it is clear that she is a lover of bikes and this can be said to be one of her hobbies among other several things she might like doing.