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Willis Raburu Biography, age, education, career, wife, net worth


Willis Raburu is a media personality in Kenya who is known by many thanks to his conspicuous nature due to size and his talent that has made him stand out among others. He works for Royal Media Services.


Willis Raburu was born on 1st April, 1987 in Kano village of Nyando, Kisumu county. He was born as a third child among four children. It is a clear thing that he was born in a well off family as his father was a provincial commissioner of the former Nyanza Province. This made him experience the best childhood.


Since his father was a very powerful and rich man,Willis had the rare opportunity to attend some of the best schools within Kisumu because the family could easily afford to pay. He attended the prestigious Aga Khan Primary in Kisumu for his primary education before proceeding to Chemelil Academy High School for his secondary education.

Willis would later join Moi University, Eldoret where he was to study a degree in Information Technology but the young lad by then decided to switch to Information Science and Media studies. This was done in secret against his father’s will as the father wanted his some to pursue Information Technology and nothing less. His father only realized on the graduation day that Willis did a course in media and not IT.


His career as a media personality started when he joined the Mediamax as an intern at K24 TV. Willis revealed during interview that he was so unlucky that he got rejected by many media houses before being absorbed by Royal Media Services in 2010.

At Royal Media, he started as a news reporter for Citizen TV and was later given a segment called Truthmeter that was a weekly segment. Soon he was paired with Joey Muthengi to host the popular 10over10 show which airs on Friday evening. However, Joey soon left RMS and Raburu was left alone in the segment. He successfully hosted it and this even made him more popular especially among the youths.

Raburu has also hosted news at the station and he has a midmorning show on Hot96 radio station which is still under the RMS. In 2021 Raburu partnered with the Ethics Entertainment to release a song Kalale which became a hit and exposed the artistic side of Raburu.

However, this week, Willis has announced that he would be doing his last shows on RMS and will be quitting after alm 13 years. His next destination is still not clear and been reasons for making this decision is also not revealed yet.


Raburu has had difficult relationships and full of pain and sufferings. His forts girlfriend was Sally Mbilu whom he proposed to in 2014 but the two broke up in 2016 where Sally returned the ksh. 100k ring she was given. Speculations were high on why they broke up where others alleged that Sally left Willis due to his weight by then while others said that Sally was older than Willis by over 5 years.

In 2017 Willis again got into marriage with Mary Ngami and they stayed together for three years but sadly broke up in 2020 after the death of their daughter. It is not clear what led to this breakup.

Right now Willis is happily married to Ivy Namu whom they have two children and the two seem to be enjoying their relationship.

Net Worth

Raburu is a wealthy man whose estimated net worth is over 20 million Kenyan shillings.