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William Ruto Networth: houses, choppers and Wealth

William Ruto Networth

William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto is a top Kenyan politician who has been the Deputy President since 2013. Below is William Ruto Networth 2020, house, choppers, cars, and the source of his wealth. Born on December 21st, 1966, Ruto is currently 53 years old and is one of the wealthiest people in the country. He owns more than 20 companies in the country that generate billions every year. DP Ruto is one of the most hardworking politicians in the country.

What is the net worth of the self-styled hustler William Ruto? This is a question that we can only attempt to answer given the secrecy surrounding what the deputy president owns and how he acquired his immense wealth.
The oft-repeated story of how the DP sold indigenous chicken on the Great North Road; and how he ascended to his current position has been his-and his loyal stalwarts- rallying point during political campaigns and whenever he feels like the ‘royal families’ (in reference to the Kenyattas’and the Moi family) want him of the 2022 presidential equation.

However, it goes without saying that the DP is a man of means if the binge buying associated with him is anything to go by. For a man who earns Ksh. 1.4 million per month and gives at least a minimum of Ksh. Two million donations to a single church-he can attend up to three fundraisers in a day-it tells you a lot about the kind of money he has.

Brief Story of William Ruto

The man who wore his first pair of shoes when he was joining Wareng High School has gone full circle to become one of the most influential and powerful leaders in Kenya.

He was elected as Eldoret North constituency MP where he served between 1997-2013. Ruto was appointed in various dockets, including the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The self-proclaimed hustler has found himself in a number of scandals. Land grabbing allegations have almost been synonymous with the DP-that’s where the derogatory nickname ole mashamba was derived.

His scandals aside, we will try to estimate Ruto’s net worth and the properties he owns.

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William Ruto Source of Wealth and Properties

Weston Hotel

His entry to the hospitality industry was a muted affair until the Langata Primary school land saga happened. The furor that followed the attempted grabbing of the school playground and subsequent teargassing of pupils by ill-trained police officers opened the lid on who was the owner of the Weston Hotel. It was alleged that the playground was to be converted to a parking lot for the hotel guests. The 120 room four-star hotel is located opposite Wilson Airport.

680 Hotel

Ruto’s appetite for acquiring properties is seemingly unquenchable if reports on social media platforms are to be believed. Ruto is said to have bought the hotel standing at the heart of the capital for a cool kes3 billion. The new tenant reportedly orchestrated the demolition of Simmers restaurants to rid the area of women of the night and the loud noise as he works on upgrading the 680 hotel.

MediaMax Network Ltd

The DP knows the importance of a friendly media as he heads to the 2022 presidential election. While it is four years away, Kenyans are consumed with politics; they eat, drink, and dream politics. Ruto reportedly has 60 percent shares in the company. It is through Ruto that the media company launched Emos- a Kalenjin radio station. Plans are underway to have a Kalenjin TV station under Media Max.

Owns Company That Supplies Concrete Poles To Kenya Power

Ruto is said to be the sole supplier of concrete poles that are being used in the Last Mile Project. These poles will replace all wooden posts across the country.

Amaco Insurance

The chicken seller turned the second most powerful man in Kenya is a significant shareholder in the Africa Merchants Assurance Company (Amaco). According to a report appearing on KenyaToday, AMACO won the tender to ensure all government vehicles.

Oseng Properties

Ruto co-owns Oseng properties with Mr. Paul Ruto.

Oterter Enterprises Ltd

Co-owned with Mr. Jignesh Desai

Uasin Gishu Home-Estimated at Sh1.2 billion

The Star newspaper carried a story early deputy president William Ruto’s house under construction at Moiben in Uasin Gishu. According to the daily, the house would gulp sh1.2 billion once completed. The house will have two lakes, a private airstrip, swimming pool, gyms, and the trappings of wealthy folks. The house is almost complete.

Choppers-Fleet estimated at Kes 2.5 billion

His fleet of helicopters just keeps expanding as he prepares to take a stab at the presidency in the next presidential elections. Ruto has two Eurocopter AS350B3e (registration 5Y DSM and 5Y DSN) estimated at $2.4 Million each (kes240 million), a Eurocopter EC130B4 (5Y DSC) at US$ 3.3 million (kes 330 million)and Douglas DC-9 goes for US$5.2 million-Kes520 million (registration 5Y-SAX). What, however, has got Kenyans talking is the acquisition of Airbus Helicopter H145 by the DP. The helicopter goes for over kes1 billion.

Poultry Business at Turbo home estimated at Ksh. 750 Million

In 2016, William Ruto contributed a staggering 18 million in 6 schools in less than 48 hours. These harambees came under sharp criticism from the opposition who questioned the source of the DP’s finances.

William Ruto net worth

While it is almost impossible to put an exact figure on how much the DP is worth, rough estimates can be anywhere in the neighborhood of Ksh 30 billion.

William Ruto Interview with BBC refusing to Reveal his actual Wealth and Networth.

In February 2019, DP Ruto declined to reveal his net worth in an interview with BBC’s Sackur.

“When you did the sums, and you categorized all of your assets, how much were you worth?” Sackur asked. “That information is available in the public domain,” Ruto replied.

Sackur then told him to tell the world how much he was worth; this is what he said. “You should have done some research before you came,” Ruto answered.

Sackur insisted on being told the actual figure since the information was in the public domain and was no longer a secret. “It is in the public domain. I encourage you to Google and find out what William Ruto owns,” Ruto said.

“Will you or will you not tell me, given that you have been completely open and public with it, and every Kenyan knows this figure, according to you. Share it with me,” Sackur fired back. “I encourage you, Sackur, to go to the website on Parliament and get that information,” He replied. It was clear that DP Ruto didn’t want to disclose his net worth.

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