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William Hausa Biography and Background Information


William Hausa is a character in the current most viewed Kenyan TV Drama series titled Maria. Mr. William is regarded as the patron in the show and a figure of power and fairness.

In just a matter of months, TV series Maria has gained traction and become a staple in most Kenyan homes. The actors and actresses are not only creative but they are also a dose of originality and bring a new twist to Kenya’s acting scene.

The likes of Brian Ogana and Yasmin Said have been nothing but success stories ever since they hit the screens. All this is thanks to none other than TV presenter Lulu Hassan’s hard work and determination to shine a light on the future of showbiz.

Real Name

While many would not immediately identify who Dennis Musyoka is, the star’s character in Maria is considered a sweetheart and what every dad should be.

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William Hausa in Maria Citizen TV

Dennis turns fiction into something that resembles reality and remembers to incorporate his fatherly nature whenever he graces the screens.

He is portrayed as a laid back man who observes from a distance and never fails to put wrongdoers in their place. The fast-rising star was once a lead actor in Citizen TV show Mashtaka.

Mr. William has slowly gained people’s respect thanks to how he treats Maria like she is his own flesh and blood. Lol, the funniest bit though is how he and his on-screen wife are the living, breathing replica of friction.

Mostly, Mr. William aka boss mkubwa presents himself as a sensitive character who has a soft spot for his two favorite girls. Vanessa and Maria.

William Hausa
William Hausa

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