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Will the president’s system to end the issue of corruption be successful?


“There are three things: moving out of Kenya, going to jail or traveling to heaven” is the statement of President William Ruto that he refers to again and again while saying that he does not see any mistakes and does not regret saying those words.

It is a feeling of anger aimed at government officials and corrupt investors that a razor will shave them if they continue to loot and absorb the people’s wealth arbitrarily. But that statement has been received badly by some leaders and activists who manage and deal with human rights issues.


This pushed the leaders and asked the president to apologize for what he said had threatened the lives of the officers. On his part, President William Ruto insists that he will not be held back by anyone because his position is that he will deal with corrupt officials so they cannot destroy the future of the people.

“The business of corruption must come to an end, we will deal firmly with the selfishness of these people because it discourages development projects in the country and we cannot let a few people stop us, we will pay the price to stop this evil,” he noted.


While this was happening, the courts were not left behind because they were mentioned as one of the ways of hiding corrupt officials, so he warned the corrupt that they could no longer hide in the court because he was on the lookout to sweep all corruption in all governmental spheres in the country.

“We will work closely with the Department of Justice to remove those who have a backward attitude to work,” he said.

The President spoke on Thursday 31st of the eighth month at the Kakamega State Headquarters where he met leaders from Kisii, Nyamira and Migori counties. Those who attended were Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, Governors Simba Arati of Kisii and Amos Nyaribo of Nyamira, as well as MPs, MCAs and local leaders.


They all agreed to work with the government in changing Kenya, while the President asked the leaders to get rid of the narrow interests of political parties that could undermine the country’s development.

“We committed ourselves as leaders to the people of Kenya during the campaign. Now we have a chance to deliver and act on our promises,” he said.

President Ruto continued to say that the promises are best implemented when the leaders are united, saying; “Together, we can provide good leadership, empower Kenyans and build our country.”


However, the leaders of the western region namely Amos Nyaribo and Simba Arati, agreed to work hand in hand with the President to develop devolution in their areas.


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