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Why you should not dry your phone using rice | Dangers of using rice to dry phone


Many people believe that when your phone dropped in water, then you can use dry rice grains to draw water from it and recover it. However, it has been revealed that rice is not an effective way to recover the phone as it has several side effects. Here are some of them;

  • Water may still be inside deep areas within the phone

Using rice as a drying method may give the impression that the phone is safe to use after it is dry. Internal damage, on the other hand, may not be immediately obvious, and moisture may still be present in difficult-to-reach regions. It’s crucial to realize that water damage can have long-term consequences, even if the phone appears to be operational at first.

  • Not effective

Uncooked rice might not be the most effective way to dry a damp phone. It may not absorb moisture adequately, especially if the water has already permeated the device deeply. Other drying procedures, such as the use of desiccants or moisture-absorbing materials, may be more effective.

  • Corrosive and residue remains

Water damage can cause interior phone components to corrode. When a phone is submerged in water, minerals and contaminants in the liquid might be deposited on the phone’s circuits, causing long-term harm. Rice will not be able to remove these deposits or prevent corrosion, which will have an impact on the phone’s performance in the future.

  • Dust particles

Rice grains can leave dust and small particles behind, which can enter the phone’s ports, speakers, and other apertures. This may result in additional damage or interfere with the phone’s functionality. It’s best to properly clean the phone after using the rice approach.

  • Delayed assistance

Relying entirely on the rice approach may cause a delay in obtaining expert assistance. When a phone becomes wet, it is crucial to act quickly because time is of the essence in preventing further damage. Instead of depending exclusively on rice, it is recommended that the device be turned off, the battery be removed if feasible, and professional repair or help be sought as soon as possible.


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