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Why US and UK are Bombing Yemen


The United States and United Kingdom have been accused of staging a bombing attack on the Republic of Yemen. Yemen is a small country in the Middle East in Asian continent.

According to available news and opinions, it is reported that the Yemeni government had blocked a ship that was transporting ammunition and other war aids to Israel. This was in support of ending the genocide war going on in Gaza by Israel soldiers.

This action by the Yemen government angered the accused countries which led to airstrikes in the cities of Yemen such as Sana’a which is the capital, Hodeidah, Saada, Dhamar, Taiz and Zabid.

The claims of bombing was confirmed by the Pentagon which said they bombed 10 targets in Yemen. UAV production facilities and IMD warehouses were also attacked.

The West has been accused of sponsoring Israeli soldiers to continue their occupation of the Gaza strip in the ongoing war between the Palestine and Israel.


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