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Why some Shoes are Hanged on Electricity Lines?


Those who have been on some parts of the Nairobi estates have seen some shoes being hanged on electricity lines. This is so commom mostly in slums and Eastland areas. But what really do these shoes mean and who are the owners? There are several arguments and expalanations over these shoes and from them there are some that can actually explain their purpose on those wires.

According to some people in those areas, these shoes belong to criminals who repented and changed from their crimes int good members of the society. So by hanging their pairs of shoes there it shows that they have ‘hanged their boots’ to mean retirement.

Others believe that these shoes are to signify and mark criminal territories. That once another gang comes to the area, they will immediately understand that their is already a group that controls the area. So basically, they are territory markers.

On the other hands, it is said that these shoes are for criminals who were killed in line of duty. Any time a gang member is killed, his shoes are taken and thrown on the wires to signify end of an era.

Last belief and explanation is that these shoes belong to new gang members recruits. Once a member is accepted in the group, they will be asked to bring a pair of shoes to be hanged there.