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Why Raila Odinga can never be arrested | What can happen if Raila Odinga is arrested


The political tension in the country has been quite high and this is due to the opposition’s strong stance on their protests and demonstrations. Raila Odinga has been demanding that the Ruto-led government lower the cost of living and especially recall the controversial Finance Bill 2023 among other demands.

This has made Raila’s political enemies to even contemplate arresting and charging him for causing chaos through rallying his supporters to take to streets. The Kenya Kwanza politicians have been calling on the relevant authorities to take action and arrest Odinga. Nandi county senator questioned what could really happen if Odinga is taken in.

Despite all these, no action as far as arrest of Raila Odinga has been taken. And many Kenyans are wondering why police cannot arrest Odinga yet the Kenyan constitution is clear that nobody is above the law. The last regime that saw him get arrested and detained was Moi’s era after the attempted coup of 1982.

Here are some of the possible reasons Raila Odinga cannot be arrested;

1. Massive supporters and followers

It is without doubt that Raila Odinga is the most loved and most followed politician in the Kenyan history. His fame and popularity has seen him command almost three quarters of the Kenyan population spread across the nation. Arresting him or harming him in whichever way may lead to a nationwide protests and destruction of properties.

2. No police officer can agree to arrest Raila

Arresting Raila Odinga is a big threat to personal life making it hard for even the police officers to come out boldly and arrest him. One reason is that any officer who dare arrest him and be identified by his supporters will fear for his life. He or she might live in fear.

3. No case or evidence can be used against him

Arresting and arraigning someone means that he or she has done done something contrary to the constitution. Those calling for Raila’s arrest argue that he has incite people to go on demonstration. However, the Kenyan constitution 2010 allows citizens to use demonstrations, protests and picketing as a way to voice out their grievances.

4. He has well trained intelligence

It has always been proven that Odinga is mysterious and his moniker ‘Agwambo’ is a Dholuo word meaning someone of unexplained powers of unpredictable. This is due to his high intelligence details which can inform him in prior what might be planned against him and he makes quick decisions. Through this,he managed to escape from Nairobi to Uganda and finally to Norway when Moi’s regime was allegedly hellbent to assassinate him.


It is therefore out if imagination for the man of the people to be arrested so easily unless he himself decides to turn himself in for any interrogation if he is served with a court summon.

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