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Why Keyboards are not Arranged in Alphabetical Order


A keen look at most of the keyboards of computers, laptops, phones or typewriters will make you realize that the letters are not appearing in the universal order of English alphabet. Why is this so yet we can save ourselves the stress of looking for certain letters by simply arranging them in alphabet?

Well, the reason the letters on many keyboards are not arranged in alphabetical order is because of the way the keyboards were made. Today, the layout that is being used is called the QWERTY layout and it was invented around 1870s when the first typewriters were being made

It was designed to avoid the keys on a typewriter from getting stuck when typing fast. Generally, there are some letters that are frequently used while typing. Therefore, before the keyboards were arranged in order of alphabet and there was a lot of cases of these frequently used keys jamming. So the QWERTY keyboard arrangement was invented to avoid this by placing these letters away from each other.

It is important to note that the QWERTY layout is not the only keyboard layout in existence as there are many other keyboard layouts such as the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard and the Colemak layout which were developed to be more efficient than the QWERTY layout, but they have not been widely adopted.

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