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Why is Moi’s daughter-in-law seeking help from Kenyans.


Faith Moi wants the family of the late Daniel Moi to help pay for the medical expenses of her son Gift Moi.

The 14-year-old, son of the late Jonathan Moi, was found to have a tumor on his upper right jaw, where he underwent surgery in 2021.

Why is Moi’s daughter-in-law seeking help from Kenyans

Gift’s condition worsened as the swelling increased, and the doctors suggested another medical surgery, which would cost KSh 2.5 million.

Through her lawyer Dancun Okatch, Faith wants the family to release the money even while waiting for the resolution of the inheritance case. Meanwhile, Gift’s mother decided to seek financial assistance from Kenyans as her son’s surgery date approached.

Why the manager of Moi’s property is accused

Okatch complained that Gift, the youngest grandson of the former president, has become a beggar despite his family’s great wealth.

The lawyer pointed out that in his will, the late Moi explained that 20 percent of his property should be distributed to his sons and grandsons. He filed a petition on Faith’s behalf, asking the family to be forced to pay for the boy’s treatment.

The lawyer accused the executor of the will, Zehrabanu Janmohamed, of withholding the contents of the document and the distribution schedule.

“What is happening today is very sad. We have a situation where the estate is not handled properly. The administrator of the estate has refused to reveal even a cent that the former head of state had,” said Okatch.

Another grandson of Moi arrives in court

A few months back, another son of the late Jonathan went to court to seek his rights due to Moi’s huge wealth. Collins Toroitich demanded KSh 30 million from the empire.

A 44-year-old child who accused Janmohamed of leaving him out despite being named as a beneficiary, wanted KSh 20 million to cover his family’s medical expenses, pay school fees for his children, buy clothes and other necessities. He also sought an additional KSh 10 million to start a business to lift him out of his current financial woes.

Collins revealed that he was evicted from his rented house due to KSh 200,000 in rent arrears.

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