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Why Homicide Rising In Kenya and How To Reduce It


Domestic violence is a leading cause of homicide, particularly among women. It occurs when a partner or family member uses physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to control and dominate another person. Gang violence: Gang-related homicides are a significant problem in Kenya and many cities worldwide.

Kenya’s criminal networks are dominated by smaller groups that engage in a variety of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, human smuggling, commodity smuggling, cattle rustling, extortion, burglary, robbery, money laundering, executions, and assassinations.

Top ten popular crimes in Kenya
  • House break-ins. A big percentage of Kenyans do not have access to arms
  • Fraud.
  • Armed robberies. When guns land in the wrong hands, people suffer and pay for it.
  • Pickpocketing
  • Embezzlement
  • Mob justice
  • Massive looting
  • Cattle Rustling

In Nairobi the causes of all these crimes are namely Poverty, Low levels of Education, Easy access to fire arms, Drugs and alcohol, Peer influence and Urbanization and Child abuse.

What can be done to reduce crime rate in Kenya?
Some of the crime prevention programs adopted include community policing, vigilante groups, erecting gates and fences, village security committees, and the employment of night guards.
Also Police department play a big role in criminal justice system in Kenya whereby their responsibility is to Maintain law and order, Preserve peace, Protect life and property, Prevent and detect crime, Apprehend offenders and Enforce all laws and regulations with which it is charged.

But the question to security department is, do they implement this or do they close their eyes and fill their stomachs every day with bribe?

People’s lives are perishing every day, political leaders only talk but there is no action, during the funerals, leaders make fake promises to ensure that the person who carried out the brutal act of murder like Roysambu case will be arrested and justice will be found.

But after that the leaders forget and move on with their lives. families being left with scars of unforgettable pain because of how their loved ones ware killed.

It’s time for Kenyans and allied organizations to wake up and put an end to the cases of arbitrary killings in the country.

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