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Why Diana Marua Is Chasing Bahati Out Of Their Home


Content creator Diana Marua has promised Kenyans that she’s going to kick Bahati out of the house to go and save the Kenyan music industry .
In a video on YouTube, the internet sensation highlighted Netizens’ concerns that were raised regarding their relationship. She promised to put aside her shenanigans and the games so that her husband could spend more time in the studio making music.

“You guys have been complaining that I have changed my man! All this talk that I’ve removed him from music and turned him into a comedian, now he’s donning lipstick and wigs but truth be told everything my hubby touches turns to gold. He entertains you left right and centre,”
Diana Bahati also asserted that since her fiancee released the club banger “Abebo” he has not yet released any other hit song. She asserted that the music industry has been in chaos since then and promised to selflessly lend her husband so that he could make more music. Diana said that she would send her husband away from the house and she’d make sure that her husband sleeps in the studio.
“Yaani nawaachia Bahati! From today, I don’t want to see my husband in this house, atakuwa analala huko studio anawatengenezea muziki (he will be sleeping in studio releasing music) back to back,”

Previously Bahati shared a video of him partying with Diana Marua. He captioned the video with a statement which read ,
“Diana ameniambia hii weekend ilikua sherehe ya mwisho alafu aniache nitolee wa Kenya wimbo. Mapenzi imetosha sasa”
Netizens in the comment section condemned Bahati for his theatrics claiming that he was far from being the salvation of the gospel industry.

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