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Who Work in the sun, eat in the shade


A teacher from Nakuru named Rosemary Bosibori has been awarded the Best Teacher in Africa award.


Ms Rosemary Bosibori Onyancha, a teacher at Moi Forces Academy Lanet, has received the award while winning Shs 1.4 million.


According to the Department of Basic Education in South Africa, the African Union Teacher Award aims to increase the visibility and status of teachers in Africa, promote teaching as a profession at all levels, celebrate and encourage teachers.


Onyancha emerged the winner of the African Union Best Teacher Award 2023 on October 5.


According to the organization Nation Africa, the judges evaluated the finalists based on qualities such as emphasizing good character, management, learning process and high performance in the best field.


Rosemary beat 108 teachers from 54 countries, including fellow Kenyan teacher. She was awarded for her work in technology; she is the beacon of hope in the school that did best.


This teacher creates a digital solution especially for girls and also helps to change the attitudes of teachers and students.


Due to her many efforts, the number of students who chose Computer Studies as their major went up to 105 this year from 74 who chose it last year.


Onyancha, however, said it was difficult for her to believe that she was the one who emerged as the winner of the award, saying this will encourage her and other teachers to bring new perspectives.


“To be honest, I did not see this award coming home. Africa is a big continent with many talented teachers. It is hard to believe that I am the best teacher among hundreds of thousands of teachers; I believe that this award comes at the best time and it will inspire me and other teachers bring new perspectives, skills, commitment and experience to our students in this important technology subject,” she said after winning the award.


Bosibori now says that the award will remind her as a teacher to do more good in society, especially by educating to prepare the best leaders of the future while pouring praise to God.


“It will remind me that as a teacher, don’t get tired of giving back to the community with the little things you do; there is someone and our God in heaven watching. The award is an eye-opener; God’s time is indeed the best. I ask the teachers to continue creating the leaders of the future, and the day one, their efforts will be rewarded,” she said.

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