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Who owns super Metro and how to get a job with Super Metro


Nairobi city being Kenya’s capital is full of business activities and one of them is the matatu business. There are several matatu and matatu Sacco’s in Nairobi that sometimes you can get mixed up in knowing which one you should board to a give destination. However, in this matatu madness as others call it there is another sacco that has been ranked the best due to how they are managed and their employees who are highly disciplined.

The Super Metro and Metro Trans is a sacco that has won the hearts of many as it is the coolest of all matatu in Nairobi. From their well kept vehicles to fair prices to well mannered employees, Super Metro is the most trusted in Matatu industry.

They are staged around the Archives building where you will find queues as long as even 50 meters of patient customers just waiting to board to their various destinations. One wonders why people would be willing to patiently wait or rather make a line to boars a vehicle yet there are several others going to the same place that are shouting and asking people to get in.

The Super Metro plies several routes such as,

  • 105: Kikuyu – Nairobi
  • 236: Nairobi – Juja
  • 237: Nairobi – Thika/Makongeni
  • 111: Nairobi – Ngong
  • Nairobi – Kitengela

The man behind the origin of Super Metro is one Nelson Mwangi. Nelson revealed that his education journey ended at form four where he could not proceed due to lack of school fees. He then had to end his studies and begin shaping his own life.

He moved to Nairobi and started off as a casual labourer and even sold roasted maize in Eastland especially at the gate of Makadara Law courts. He later got a job as a lift attendant where he worked for long and rose to the level of operations manager.

This led him to buy his first PSVs and later quit the job to focus on his matatu businesses. Later he teamed up with other 13 directors to form the now famous and most loved Super Metro.

Mwangi said that getting a job with Super Metro is strict such that it involves formal application, attaching relevant documents and certifications. Then one would face a panel for interview and successful individuals would be put a three months probation and those who pass all steps will e employed officially. He added that Super Metro is like a school with rules that must be followed and whoever do not follow the rules faces disciplinary committee which decides the fate.

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