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Who owns Nairobi Gossip Club? How to contact Nairobi Gossip Club


Nairobi Gossip Club, popularly known as NGC, is the most popular entertainment, news, gossip, drama and celebrity platform in Kenya. It has a massive following on all their social media platforms especially the Instagram page where they are more popular.







Who Owns Nairobi Gossip Club?

This has been one of the many questions people are asking. Many would wish to know who runs the platform and who owns it since its establishment in September 17th 2017. However, due to many reasons, the owner and people behind the NGC have all remain unknown.







Why owner of Nairobi Gossip Club is unknown?

Since the platform is open for exposing any type of content relating to celebrities, famous personalities and even controversial issues, the owner has chosen to remain unknown for security issues. Many businesses also consider NGC for promotional services and this also makes the owner to be a private person.








How Nairobi Gossip Club gets information?

They get their information via public platforms just like any other media house as they also follow celebrities and influential personalities in the country. On the other hand, NGC also gets exclusive information via the Direct Messages from their followers who mostly choose to be anonymous too.