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Who owns Makini Schools in Kenya | Meet Mary Okello the founder of Makini Schools


Makini Schools is among the best private and group of schools in Kenya. Mrs. Mary Okello and her husband Pius Okello established Makini Schools in 1978. Starting off with just 8 pupils, the consistently top-performing schools now enroll more than 3,200 students in both primary and secondary school final exams. On May 1, 2018, Scholé Limited (a UK investor) and Advtech bought a 71 percent share in Makini School Limited.

There are three campuses under Makini Schools in Kisumu. In Kiambu’s Tatu City, the company is constructing a school for 1,700 kids. The school will provide the Cambridge Curriculum and will accept students from kindergarten through A-levels. Senior students will have access to boarding facilities.

The school’s performance continues to improve as it focuses on providing a high-quality education.The administration is hard at work increasing the fundamental criteria for improved learning.