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What is Red Eye Disease? Red Eye Disease Recorded in Nairobi


Over the past few weeks, Kenyans have been witnessing a a rather strange disease especially in the coastal region where inflected persons suffered from awkwardly red eyes. Those who live in Nairobi sarcastically reacted to the situation by making fun of the coast residents but now the disease has been reported in Nairobi too.

According to the Director General of Public Health Dr. Patrick Amoth, the disease which has also been reported in Kisii is spread by touching your eyes with contaminated hands and so he urged Kenyans to avoid touching their hands and also practice high level of hygiene.

“The Ministry of Health wishes to report the outbreak of an eye disease presenting with watery red eyes in the coastal region of Kenya, (Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu),” he said.

“The disease is most likely due to Adenovirus which spreads very fast but rarely does it cause long time complications to the eyes. It is usually self limiting and therefore need not cause any alarm.”

According to Dr. Amoth, the disease should not worry Kenyans as it is self limiting meaning it goes away after some times.

“Individuals with severe symptoms which include redness, discharge, swelling and bleeding have been instructed to seek urgent medical attention,” he said.