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What is AirBnB in Full? | Meaning of AirBnB


The word AirBnB is so common among the youths who are still in their ages for soft life and kupiga sherehe as Kenya’s slang will put it to mean being out there to enjoy life.

Generally, it is common knowledge that AirBnB is a special room in an apartment where one can rent and stay and while staying you get to be able to cook and do other things you would do in your own house. An Airbnb will have full kitchen equipment, laundry, and other things you might need on your stay. In short it is like a self-contained room where you pay and stay for as long as you want.

But what is the meaning in full of the term AirBnB? Airbnb is a more of a residential property that provide rentals on short term basis to travelers. The term Airbnb stands for Air, Bed and Breakfast.


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