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Wayne Rooney’s return to “Everton”

Wayne Rooney's return to

Wayne Rooney’s return to “Everton”

In 2017, Wayne Rooney left the ranks of “Manchester United” and moved to “Everton”. It was at this club that he took his first steps in professional soccer. By the way, at 1xBet online it is easy to follow all the “Toffees” matches and earn on them.

By that time Rooney was already 31 years old and his performance was gradually dropping. In his last season at the club the striker appeared less and less frequently in the starting lineup and scored only 5 goals in the EPL. However, at “Everton”, he quickly proved that he was still capable to give occasional striking performances. 

In the 2017/2018 campaign, the forward managed to score 10 goals in the league and also distinguished himself once in the Europa League. It cannot be said that Rooney was the unqualified leader of the team, but his authority combined with his individual skill played an important role.

Wayne Rooney's return to "Everton"

It seemed that Rooney would manage to spend a couple more successful seasons in the EPL, but after one year at Everton, he decided to leave the club and move to the MLS. By the way, it is easy to follow all the matches of this championship online on 1xBet.

Rooney’s return was bright, but short-lived. It was evident that the forward’s class occasionally allowed him to show great games. However, problems with motivation and game discipline led to the fact that Wayne decided to go to a weaker championship. However, the forward has hardly any regrets about his return to his home club and the season he spent there.

What allowed the forward to have a good season?

Before the 2017/2018 campaign, there were minimal expectations from Rooney. It seemed that the striker’s best years were behind him. However, in that season he demonstrated that he was still capable of showing brilliant matches from time to time. By the way, you can 1xBet app download apk for the game and not just watch the matches of this team, but also regularly earn on each meeting of the “Toffees”. The calendar of meetings is very tight, but now you will not miss any confrontation.

If we return to the figure of Rooney, it can be noted that he was able to spend a successful campaign thanks to:

  1. A perfectly placed shot. At times, even shots from long range proved effective. Later, in the United States Rooney scored by hitting from his half of the field.
  2. The skill to choose the right position. Thanks to this, Wayne was initially in a better position compared to competitors.
  3. Lack of unnecessary psychological pressure. Rooney could just relax and start to show all his strong qualities. 

In this way, Wayne spent his last season in the EPL at a decent level, and then went to finish playing in the United States. And if you are still following the Toffees, you should download apk, install the app to play at 1xBet, and this will allow you to follow the current confrontations in a convenient format. Matches with “Everton” are held regularly, and now you will not miss any of these meetings. 

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