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Warning to those who use crazy people to throw garbage in the city


The municipality of Lamu island has launched a search for residents who are alleged to be carrying bags full of waste to the insane and mentally challenged.

Lamu Municipality Manager Abdulswamad Abdalla says many have been doing it as one of the ways to avoid the cost associated with waste disposal in the city. In an interview with  Media in his office on Thursday, Mr. Abdalla said that there is a need for residents to obey the laws related to the collection and disposal of waste established in the city, stressing that those who disobey those laws will face the consequences.

Mr. Abdalla made it clear that the action of giving sacks full of waste to the insane has ended up leaving the waste being dumped in inappropriate places.

“Giving a mentally retarded person or a crazy person garbage to go and throw it there is irresponsible. We have set ambitious strategies, including building cisterns on some streets for people to collect waste there. Our garbage collection bulldozers have also been going around every street to collect garbage. I don’t see why people end up giving the insane garbage. We are investigating and if we find you we will take action,” said Mr Abdalla.

The official said the county government, through the governor, Issa Timamy and his office, has prepared to beautify the old town of Lamu and that of Shella, both of which are fortresses for tourists visiting the area.

“We have a plan that soon we will hang special waste collection bins on the roads, alleys and alleys of all the major towns of Lamu, including the old town of Lamu, Shella, Mpeketoni, Hindi, Witu, Mokowe, Faza, Kizingitini, Kiunga and elsewhere. This endeavor aims to raise the dignity and cleanliness of our cities,” said Mr Abdalla.

The officer has also warned those who have the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and carrying garbage to throw it on the beach or in the Indian Ocean in Lamu. He said doing so is endangering the life of living creatures in the sea. His statement comes at a time when environmentalists have always come forward to urge citizens to avoid throwing plastic waste into the sea to prevent pollution of marine life.

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