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Waithaka Wa Jane Gives Details About UK Tour After Son Dies


Fast-rising Mugithi musician Waithaka wa Jane has been on the receiving end of criticism from the online community. This is after Waithaka revealed that he lost his young son, Liam. On his Facebook page, he wrote, ” Liam bye son. Rip”

Days later the musician was worried whether he would make it to a show in Northampton due to his son’s death. He shared a banner on Facebook showing that he would still attend the show despite the circumstances surrounding him.

A number of fans have gone to his inbox yo ask him to give more derails surrounding the death of his son, Liam. He revealed that he lost his son a few days back and opted to handle the matter in a silent manner.

He added that the situation made him overwhelmed further claiming that heourned his son at his own timeline adding that he was allowed to mourn his son in the best way possible.
My dear fans, I know many of you have been asking yourself numerous questions concerning baby Liam.Death is a painful occurrence whenever it hits. I lost baby Liam few days ago.

Handled the matter including his burial in the most silent way I could but being an innocent soul, I was so overwhelmed and I mourned him on my timeline without including further details
The Mugithi Maestro also thanked his supporters and friends for their support all through.He was also grateful to those who sent in their condolences.
“That’s all I can say for now my dear friends & supporters.Special thanks to all who sent their condolence message. Your love & support has been so amazing during this hard times.Rest in Peace Baby Liam, it shall be well with our souls.”

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