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Wahu Kagwi Biography and Background Info


Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, professionally known by her mononym Wahu, is a Kenyan vocalist musician, previous style model, entertainer, and business person. She discharged her first single “Niangalie” which got positive gathering all over Africa and the world on the loose. She is the debut beneficiary of the MTV Africa Music Awards 2008, for Best Female Artist classification. Besides, she has won the Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Chaguo La Teeniez Awards, and Kisima Music Awards. In the acting business, Wahu had a main job in the TV series Tazama. In 2017 she discharged another gospel tune “sifa”.

Wahu Kagwi Education and Music Career Information

Wahu is a former model and University of Nairobi student, graduating in mathematics. She started her musical career in 2000. Her first three singles were “Niangalie”, “Esha” and “Liar”. Wahu released her first major hit, “Sitishiki” around 2005. Some of her music has been produced by the Ogopa DJs. Wahu has entertained audiences alongside many Kenyan and African Artistes like Kleptomaniacs, Fally Ipupa, Nonini, Nameless, Wyre, Qqu, and P-Unit.

Wahu Kagwi Husband and Children

She is married to Nameless, another award-winning Kenyan musician. They have 2 daughters, one of who whom she dedicated her biggest hit to date “Sweet Love”.

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  1. MTV Africa Music Awards 2008 – Best Female
  2. 2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards – Best Female Artist (Kenya)
  3. 2008 CHAT Awards – Favourite Female Artiste
  4. 2008 Kisima Awards – Best Song (“Sweet Love”) & Best Reggae Artiste/Group
  5. 2010 Tanzania music awards – Best Reggae Song (‘Leo (Reggae remix)’ with AY)
Wahu Kagwi
Wahu Kagwi


  • My Everything
  • YEYE
  • Sweet Love
  • Sifa
  • Nifanane Nawe
  • Nenda
  • Yesu Ana
  • Liar
  • Still a Liar
  • Hadi Lini
  • Better Day
  • For You
  • Sitishiki

Facts About Wahu Kagwi

  1. She was born in 1980
  2. After clearing high school, she wanted to enroll in a hairdressing college but her mother could not hear of it.
  3. She went to the University of Nairobi and graduated with a mathematics degree.
  4. She is the mother of two lovely daughters; Tumiso Nyakwea and Nyakio.
  5. She is a confessed shoe-lover. She has dozens and dozens of different, beautiful pairs.
  6. For her facial care, she prefers the natural and inexpensive way; using raw potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
  7. She loves avocados and can eat them with anything, including fries!
  8. Just like her hubby, she still gets stage frights despite the many years in showbiz.
  9. She is terrified of darkness but has to be brave for the sake of her kids.
  10. She can’t sleep without some noise hence the television or the music system must be on till tale hours.

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