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Voice Over Artists, Recording and Production in Nairobi, Kenya

Voice Over Recording and Production Agency Services in Kenya

Voice Over Recording and Production Agency Services in Kenya

A voice-over is the recording of an off-screen narrator as used in production. With the success of the technology era the world over, there’s an ever-increasing demand for voice-over talent. Voice-overs are used in video games, game shows, documentaries, films, theatre, radio programming, commercial ads, and television production.

Are you on the look-out for a voice-over recording and production? Janeson Recordings has got you covered. With Janeson able team of recording engineers and producers, we have a track record of delivering high-quality audio productions. Using standard voice-over recording software, we are keen on details such as distance from the mic, factors that contribute to the quality of a voice-over. The voice-over recordings we produce are made in state-of-the-art sound studios using high-end technical recording equipment. Janeson Recordings offers voice-over recording services in Kenya, among other production services.


This is the initial stage of voice-over production whereby the voice actor studies and rehearses a developed script. The perfect voice-over production begins with perfect voice-over talent. With the right set of skills and talent, the voice actor practices their cues and performance. A voice-over is an acting performance, only without the visual aspect. With the voice as the main agent of communication, it goes without saying that every aspect of the subject should register seamlessly. Focus is put on pronunciation and intonation of words as they ought to be. Phonetics and speech mechanisms cannot be overlooked in an industry where slight aberrations can be costly. Once the script is internalized, a voice-over demo recording can be made.


The voice-over production process begins with the recording of a voice-over demo. A voice-over can be voiced by a select individual or a professional voice talent or voice actor. The intended use of the voice-over naturally influences the nature of the sound. The narrator’s goal is to relay the different balances and harmonics to record a natural-sounding voice-over. Starting with a dry recording, a recording engineer can then employ standard equalizer (EQ) and compression were necessary to tweak and craft a masterpiece voice-over recording. Our team of experts are skilled at mastering raw voice-over recording to fit your specific vision.


Developing a voice-over concept from a dry recording to a complete track is no mean fete. Post-production practices in voice-over production include cleaning, audio restoration and dubbing. Janeson Recordings studio offers not only voice-over recording, but also sound mixing and editing. The addition of sound effects or other building elements of sound aid in streamlining a voice-over as required. The volume levels can be amplified and modified within the set limits of the voice-over recording. Suppose the finished track needs further editing, adjustments can be made using high-end audio hardware and software.

Once the finished voice-over recording is ready for use or distribution, it is mastered in a compatible digital format from where copies can be produced. Janeson Recordings is the media house that will produce competent voice-over productions without breaking the bank.

Email: recordings@janeson.co.ke or call 0700828808

The skill of a voiceover artist is so extraordinary that even reputable actors can struggle, since you have to bring the script off the page for an audience who can’t see you.  Voice-over is a production technique where a sound is used in a radio, television production, theatre,  among filmmaking and  other presentations. Agencies such as Janeson Recordings will help beginners put together a professional standard voice demo and offer coaching and courses. We are a production company that provides both Local and International clients with Film, TV and Audio solutions. We have some of the best voice over artists in Kenya and  have produced some of the country’s challenging voice talents in advertising.  You will find both male and female voice over artists for any project.  We can undertake projects in English, Swahili and even local languages.

Anywhere a voice is needed a voice over artist can work. We work across all industries here including: commercials, corporate video, explainer videos, eLearning, animations, audiobooks, games and toys, documentary narrations, IVR and others.

To start as a voice over artist all you need is the right set up, a little guidance and a push in the right direction. As a voice over agency, we know a lot about the challenges in the sector and how to deal with them.  Due to experience in the business, we know what clients will and won’t pay for and which voices are going to make the cut.

If you are confident you’ve got a voice to share and presenting yourself professionally comes seamlessly to you then you might have just found your new vocation.

Voice over training is an investments in your business and shouldn’t be overlooked. Even a refresher showreel or a specified reel for a specific style can give you new opportunities.  We not only guide the artists, we also offer employment and career opportunities to talented voice over artists.

Marketing and pricing yourself are also key to success. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals or agencies for advice as they can pass on some really helpful tips.

If you want to know more about the voice over workshop or professional showreels we offer call us via 0700828808

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