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Video of Marakwet’s Daughter Crying Warning President Ruto.


The video of Marakwet Daughter warning President William Ruto has resurfaced after her recent rant on social media.

She recently caused a stir on social media with a TikTok video in which she blasted her alleged attackers. Marakwet Daughter warned against spreading negativity in the widely circulated video, saying that she is ready to stop anyone who crosses his lines.

The famous hit artist Mali Safi Chito boldly announced her sanity, shutting people down, and telling them to take their opinions elsewhere.

“You’re used to spewing hatred into my comment inbox, come and do it now,” the singer said.

Since her explosion, Kenyans have been searching for his online content on TikTok, and one video has gone viral. The tape in which she asked President William Ruto not to hold talks with Raila Odinga during the 2023 protests has resurfaced. She showed a beaded belt which is considered sacred among the Kalenjin community.

The decorated belt is used after a woman gives birth. “Ruto should never talk to Raila, and if you can’t listen to me because of my poverty, listen to this,” she said pointing to the strip.

People had this to say on the internet:


“I have seen amazing people, but Mali Safi Chito’s drama is on another level. This girl from Marakwet is an amazing person.”


“She was just forcing tears, what nonsense is this now?”


“Now what is she doing to tell the truth. Either she wants to compete with Gideon Kitheka to breathe.”

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