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Video of man being caned in front of his mother-in-law and wife for disrespecting his mother-in-law


A video of a guy being cruelly beaten for allegedly insulting his mother-in-law and wife has gone viral. In the video, a strong man is seen forcefully squeezing the man’s head between his legs and holding him by the ampits while whipping his buttocks.

As the victim screams, additional men join in by restraining his legs and arms, leaving his behind perfectly positioned for the canes. The footage was shared on a Facebook page by a person who supposedly stated that the man had disrespected his wife and his mother. This caused the disciplinary procedure, which was carried out in broad daylight in front of a large crowd.

He was then told to kneel in front of his mother-in-law and beg forgiveness while also promising not to misbehave. He does the same to his wife, who is seen weeping furiously as the man approaches her.

What you see in this video,


Many Kenyans have responded to the video, with many condemning the conduct as a primitive method of resolving a quarrel. They say that carrying out the activity now was extremely disrespectful. Others said that it was a method of entirely dissolving and saving the marriage.

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