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Video of How Mtura is Made Angers Kenyans


A Kenyan man who makes mutura has created a sensation on social media.

How is Mutura made? In the video that has gone viral on social media, the man gave his followers a chance to see how he makes mutura. Some Kenyans in his comment section admitted that they have never seen how the delicacy is made.

The man inhaled the intestine, turned it inside out, and mixed green onions with beef fat.

Then he mixed onions with beef fat and raw blood. Then he filled the mixture into the intestines.

After filling the intestines, he washed them and put them in a pot and boiled them. In his comment section, netizens were outraged by the way he handled the process. Others vowed to stop eating the delicacy. Others noted that they were motivated to eat more of the delicacy.

Netizens commenting on the family making mutura This is what they said:

kôløh254: “Thank you for showing us how they are made… if you catch me eating them again, shoot me.”

@Cozmowonder: “After watching this, I can’t stop eating mutura aki.”

@suzzynash: “And that’s how you lose customers.”

@chepkoech B: “Mturaa byee, it’s over between us.”

@e.l.b.e.r: “I see people say that he should wear gloves when using his hand so he adds flavor.”

@Jacque JACQUE: “Who discovered that the cutting baord is a plastic seat.”

Taciah_vee: “I laugh at the comment section knowing full well that I will still stand my ground.”

@MIZANI: “No one is looking at the chopping board…the seat in the morning…is the air blower checking for punctures or not?”

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