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Victoria Rubadiri Excited As Daughter Joins University


Seasoned Citizen TV anchor Victoria Rubadiri has celebrated her grown daughter in a post on her social media platforms. Victoria shared a photo of her hugging her daughter as she recounted how she brought the young girl up in a heartfelt caption that read,
“Dear Neema, can’t believe this day is here. A good 19 years ago I was a college student faced with the reality of becoming your mother. Then you were something to behold, fragile, helpless and brand new to the world.Now I’m releasing you a strong, beautiful, intelligent and kind young woman. A whole, entire university student. You still are something to behold. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see how you change this world. I love you,”

Truth is, you are never going to be ready. In terms of thinking what I had to give up, a lot of times the first thing that jumps to someone’s mind could be a thing or a lifestyle, my social life,” she said.

In a podcast with Double X Agenda in May 2020, Rubadiri disclosed about her journey as a single mother. She revealed that it happened when she was only 18 years old adding that it was rough at the time because she was considered a disappointment to many because her father is a pastor and a religious leader.

“For me, because I got pregnant young, I fell into the stereotypical definition of a young single mum. For me, what I had to let go of what was that tag of a typical single mum. And let go of it not only from society but for me.I made a conscious decision early on that I will not be that and the choice I would make to who I am now basically determined that.”

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