Home NEWS Utawala building with aeroplane on the rooftop causes reactions

Utawala building with aeroplane on the rooftop causes reactions


Human beings are always on the rush to become the best in all they do. It is not only being the best but also trying to prove they are unique. This is one way of outdoing the rest especially in a competitive world. Competition has pushed many to do some things which are beyond imaginations.






A building under construction in Utawa estate has left many people wondering what is actually the motive of the owner. The four storey building which is still under construction went viral on X formerly twitter when an old body of aeroplane was spotted over it.






According to the post on X by a user, the National Construction Authority, NCA had noticed the unique building and even marked it unfit asking the owner to remove the plane as it overloads the building. This user wondered over the roles of NCA if the building could be constructed to that point without their knowledge for them to only come and write sketchily that the building is overloaded.












While it is not known what the owner intended to do with the plane over the building, it is suspected that the owner might just be trying to be creative enough to entice his customers by making his building look unique and beautiful.