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Ustadh Prays to God for the House Bill to Fall


A fire broke out in Mokowe, Lamu, when an Islamic scholar prayed to God for the Affordable Housing Bill to be struck down by the pen of the Creator.

The crowd that came to participate in the debate on the Affordable Housing Bill burst into laughter when he stood in front of the audience and prayed for the bill to be ‘penned’ by Allah.

Ustadh Omar Athman Hamisi, who also represented the youth, stood before the National Assembly’s Committee on Finance and the Development of Public Engagement Sessions in the country regarding the Affordable Housing Bill, where he made clear the public’s interest in the bill, maintaining that there is the fear that haunts many Kenyans who feel oppressed through the program.

More than 10 Members of Parliament members of the committee who attended the meeting in Mokowe led by their Chairman, who is also Molo Member of Parliament Kuria Kimani, were also left in awe following the courage of the scholar when he criticized the Bill and even prayed to Allah (God) himself to drop it.

The meeting was held at the Mokowe community hall, where it was attended by hundreds of residents. According to Ustadh Hamisi, it seems that those pushing for the passage of the bill have hidden agendas that do not benefit the common man but only those of the upper class.

Mr Hamisi compared the influence and pressure carried on by members of parliament and even the President himself, William Ruto regarding the adoption of the Affordable Housing Bill to be similar to the Swahili saying that ‘whoever wants to catch and slaughter a chicken must pamper it by pouring sorghum, millet and corn instead to chase and catch the bird directly.

He went on to explain that as soon as the chicken ‘enters the box’ and is caught, it is no longer young, saying that Kenyans are also heading there through the Affordable Houses program.

“I mean, even though the Affordable Housing program seems like a good thing, on the other hand, it’s just a trap. It is clear that Kenyans are afraid, especially in today’s world of debt. If you look today, you will see that there are loan phones, loan motorcycles, loan lamps and it seems that we are now heading towards these houses that may turn into loans as well,” said Ustadh Hamisi.

He argued that the concern or fear that many Kenyans have is that if a citizen pays for cheap houses and then fails to pay for what is required along the way, he may not get his money back as witnessed in the lending organizations in the country.

“Because of that, I would pray to God, if the project is good and beneficial for the people, then let it come to fruition and if it is a setback for the poor people who may be wronged, then let God pass his pen not to fulfill this project, Ameen, ” said Ustadh Hamisi as the public burst into laughter in the hall.

It was at that time that the Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on Finance, Mr Kuria Kimani, stood in the hall and assured Kenyans that the project will benefit both low-income and high-income citizens, where they will all be able to live in quality homes. nice.

“I would urge all of us to join together to pass this plan. Affordable housing will benefit people from all walks of life, whether it is high or low. In addition, this program intends to raise the streets of shacks in the country, thus making the lives of the people better wherever they are. There is no malicious intent to oppress the citizen through this program. That is why we have come here to Lamu to take your opinion openly and responsibly in accordance with our Kenyan constitution,” said Mr Kimani.

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