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University Student Infects Numerous Men With HIV/AIDS As Revenge


TUM Varsity Lady Shares List Of Men She Infected With HIV/AIDS

There was a significant online uproar following a statement made by a student from the Technician University of Mombasa (TUM), claiming that she had deliberately infected multiple men with the deadly HIV virus. This young lady, currently a fourth-year student at the Mombasa-based university, went on to release a list of men whom she allegedly slept with and infected. The statement was posted on her Instagram account, where she expressed her remorse but urged all those who had been involved with her to get tested for HIV.

In her Instagram post, the student revealed that she could no longer keep the secret and confessed that she had been infecting men with HIV since her enrollment at the university in 2019. She attributed her actions to a desire for revenge, explaining that she herself had been infected with the virus after being gang-raped in Nairobi while living with her aunt. She claimed that only her coursemate Harriet and her roommate Dee were aware of this incident, and even her parents remained unaware of her HIV-positive status. She stated that she had been on medication since contracting AIDS from the group of men who had raped her and decided to treat all men equally in her quest for revenge.

To support her claim, the student shared screenshots of HIV testing kits showing her positive status and urged those mentioned in the list to undergo testing as well. She also warned individuals who were messaging her privately to face the reality that they might be infected with HIV. The screenshot of the alleged list of men she had infected was also included in the post.