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Minister wants the parliament to pass a bill for poor people to be flogged so that they can work to become rich


The finance minister in Uganda, Haruna Kasolo has reportedly asked the parliament to pass a bill to allow poor people to be put in a program of whipping and whipping all the time in order to find work and become rich.

According to the report of the country’s Eye Radio, the minister said that the leadership of Museveni’s government has set ambitious plans to ensure that Ugandans are born from poverty and that is one way to ensure that the ambition is fulfilled.

“President Museveni and the NRM government have set ambitious plans to eradicate poverty with the aim of ensuring that every Mganda becomes rich, but there are others who are struggling and remain poor,” part of the minister’s speech was quoted.

“In the future, the government may have to pass a bill where all poor people will be flogged to learn how to work and also become rich because we have found that some Ugandans deserve to be pushed into the path of getting rich,” the statement added.

The minister was addressing a meeting of the association of small businessmen of Saccos where the responsibility was to give people incentives on how to invest their assets. This is not the first time that a senior government official in the country has made such reckless remarks.

It will be remembered in May 2022. Minister of Internal Affairs Kahinda Otafire said poor people will not go to heaven. The minister said that those who continue to pray to God to get rid of poverty are bothering God because they were given hands to work and also become rich.

He said this at an event held at the St Klaus Comprehensive Business School in Bufunjo village, Kifuko town council in Kyenjojo district, Western Uganda. He was explaining to the students that hard work is the cure for poverty when he made these viral remarks.

The poor will not go to heaven because they insult God with lamentations and accusations every day,” the Minister said.

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