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UDA party responds to presidential term limit proposal by Senator Cherargei to Bipartisan committee


The ruling party United Democratic Alliance, UDA, has made a statement over the now popular debate caused by a proposal to extend presidential term limit to seven years for two years. This proposal was submitted to the Bipartisan Talk committee by Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei.






In his proposal, Cherargei wants a president to be in power for a period of two terms of seven years each different from the current two terms of five years each that us enshrined in the constitution of Kenya 2010. This idea generated a lot of debate among Kenyans who criticised the senator for being only concerned with them staying in power instead of bringing ideas that would improve the lives of Kenyans.








Due to this, UDA party, through its secretary general Cleopas Malala has published a statement to distance itself from the proposal saying that it is not the party’s idea or decision but solely Senator Chetargei’s own suggestion. The party has stated that it is fully focused on delivering the promises made during elections in line with the timelines for the next general elections.











Bipartisan Talk committee was established to bring together the Azimio and Kenya Kwanza sides so as to end the political tension that was in the country after the highly protested 2022 presidential elections that declared William Ruto as president. The committee made up of politicians from both sides are deliberating in various issues of concerns that would help stabilize the country as well as end the constant political instability after elections.