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Turning Red (Movie 2022)

Turning Red (Movie 2022)

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has released a 2022 American computer-animated fantasy comedy picture titled “Turning Red” from Pixar Animation Studios. Domee Shi, making her feature film directing debut, helmed and co-wrote the screenplay with Julia Cho. Sandra Oh, Hyein Park, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Ava Morse are among the actors who provide their voices to the film. Tristan Allerick Chen and James Hong are also included in the cast.

The story of 13-year-old Meilin “Mei” Lee, a Chinese-Canadian girl who changes into a gigantic red panda when she is overcome by powerful emotions, takes place in Toronto, Ontario in 2002. Following a proposal to Pixar in October 2017, the film began production in 2018 after Shi’s experiences in Toronto inspired it. It’s Pixar’s first picture directed completely by a woman, and follows Up in including a primary Asian character (2009).


On February 21, 2022, a special screening of Turning Red took held at the Everyman Borough Yards in London. On March 1, 2022, the film had its international debut and was made available for streaming on Disney+ on March 11. It was released theatrically in most countries outside of Disney+ and earned high praise for its plot, comedy, animation, vocal performances, and appropriation of cultural references and references to pop culture.

More Facts Of Turning Red Movie 2022

Genre: Comedy/Family
Date of Release: 11 March 2022
Running Time: 1h 40m
Production: Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures
Ratings: 7.1/10 IMDB, 95% Rotten Tomatoes


Meilin “Mei” Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian living in Toronto in 2002, is the subject of this story. To please her overprotective mother, Ming, Mei helps maintain the Lee family’s temple to their ancestor, Sun Yee. The fact that she, along with her best friends Miriam, Priya, and Abby, are fans of the boy band 4*Town is something she attempts to keep hidden from Ming.


Mei had a nightmare and wakes up the next morning to find that she has transformed into a giant red panda. To her parents, Mei appears to be distressed because of her first menstruation; in fact, Mei only changes when she is in a condition of intense emotional stress. A few months later, Ming discovers that Mei’s transformation was triggered by an accidental embarrassment at school.


Mei’s parents, Ming and Jin, explain that since Sun Yee was granted the power to shift into a red panda to fight fights, every female member of the family has inherited the talent when they reach adulthood. Red panda spirit must be bound in talisman on night of the Red Moon, a month from now, because this has grown harmful and bothersome. As a result of her friends accidentally discovering her metamorphosis, Mei is unable to change due to her focus on them. After convincing her parents that she should be able to lead a regular lifestyle, Mei continues to be monitored by Ming.


As part of their tour, 4*Town has announced a gig in Toronto, but Ming refuses to let Mei attend. Her red panda disguise helps Mei and her pals launch secret fund-raising efforts to get tickets for the show. Mei is asked to perform at Tyler’s birthday party by a previous bully. Mei learns that the performance is scheduled on the night of the ritual at the gathering. In response to Tyler’s remarks, she becomes irate and strikes him. When Ming learns about Mei’s recent antics, she confronts her pals, accusing them of corrupting and using her. As a result of her embarrassment and fear of confronting Ming, Mei fails to defend her companions.


Grandmother Wu and her aunts arrive to help Mei with the ceremony, but Mei decides to maintain her abilities as the red panda form is about to be sealed. As a result, she forgoes the ceremony in favor of attending 4*Town’s show in the SkyDome, where she meets Tyler and learns that the two of them are fans of the band. As a result of Mei accidentally damaging her mother’s talisman during her escape from the temple, an irate Ming transforms into a kaiju-sized red panda and disrupts the performance in an attempt to reclaim her daughter. We see Mei and her mother Ming quarrel over her independence as the audience leaves. Mei knocks her mother unconscious.

Family members arrive to lend a hand. Using their red panda forms, all of the ladies dismantle their talismans to aid Ming enter a new ceremonial circle. Mei’s friends and 4*Town sing as the new ceremony takes Mei, Ming, and the other ladies into the etheric realm. ” Mei reconciles with Ming and aids Ming in repairing her relationship with Wu, which had been the driving force behind Ming’s meticulousness. Because she is now coming to terms with her own identity, Mei decides to keep her red panda amulet, unlike the other Lee ladies.


Finally, after some time apart, Mei and Ming’s relationship has grown stronger, and she now finds time to spend with her friends, including Tyler.

a cast of actors and actresses

  • Red panda Rosalie Chiang portrays Meilin “Mei” Lee, an adolescent Chinese-Canadian girl with an ancestral link to the red panda and a rapid transformation into a giant red panda anytime she experiences intense emotions, such as joy or worry.
  • An overzealous and overprotective mother is played by Sandra Oh in the film.
  • In the role of Miriam, a tomboy singer with braces and one of Mei’s closest friends, Ava Morse stars.
  • Hyein Park is Mei’s closest friend Abby, a vivacious Korean-Canadian.
  • Despite her deadpan facial expressions and voice, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Priya, an Indian-Canadian closest friend of Mei’s, has an exuberant demeanor.
  • Orion Lee portrays Jin Lee, Mei’s father, in the film.
  • Wai Ching Ho portrays Wu, Mei’s maternal grandma.
  • Tyler, Mei’s bully in school, is played by Tristan Allerick Chen.
  • Mr. Gao (James Hong) is a local elder and a friend of the Lee family, who is played by Hong.
  • As Devon, Mei’s hidden infatuation, and the cashier at the neighborhood convenience store, Addie Chandler steps in.
  • Sasha Roiz plays Mei’s history instructor, Mr. Kieslowski.
  • Stacy Frick, a classmate of Mei’s, is played by Lily Sanfelippo.