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TSC TPAD Registration, Login, How to use TPAD System


TPAD. The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has made another easy to use entryway for catching the instructors’ evaluation information. The Commission has simultaneously diminished the number of training benchmarks to be evaluated for instructors from the past seven to five on its online examination gateway.

To improve usage, the Commission has modified the TPAD devices focusing on instructors serving in essential, auxiliary, uncommon needs organizations and post optional establishments, where, while the training norms are the equivalent for all classifications of educators, execution markers and undeniable proof have been redone for different foundations.

How to Log onto the new TPAD system

To log onto the new system, use the procedure below:

1). Type or click on this link to access the new TPAD system; https://tpad2.tsc.go.ke
2). Click on the three-line layered hyperlink at the top; after the word ‘TPAD’
3). From the drop-down menu, select Login. A new window pops up.
4). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Create Account’
5). Enter your TSC Number, ID Number, Phone Number, Email Address and password (more than 6 characters).
Then click on Create account. A successful message is displayed on your screen.
6). You will get a message, SMS, from TSC with your verification code thus, “Hello.., your account has been created successfully. Please use this code….to activate your account.
7). Enter the code and click on the box next to, ‘Am not a robot’. Next, click on ‘Verify’.

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Adding your Bio Data

Next, you need to add your level of Education and subject combination details.

1). Select ‘Subjects Combination’ and add your teaching subjects. Select your subjects combinations from the list and click on ‘Submit’ when done.

2). Then, click on the ‘Level of Education’ to add details. Select your KCSE grade, the highest level of Education and Institution of Study. Next, click on Submit.

Proceeding to log in and Filing Appraisal data

1). Click on the tab ‘Proceed to log in’; highlighted in green
2). Enter your TSC Number, ID Number, Password and click on the verification box at the bottom. Then, click on Log in to access the Teacher’s Portal Dashboard.
3). Click on ‘Start Appraisal’. Next, click on ‘Create New Appraisal’. The default year is 2019 and term three for the term.
4). Select Eligibility and click on ‘Save Appraisal’. A success message will be displayed on your screen.

Click here to access the new TPAD system; https://tpad2.tsc.go.ke