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TSC found itself in trouble after deducting teachers’ housing tax, contrary to court orders


The Union of Secondary Teachers KUPPET has said that it will take legal action against the Teachers Recruitment Commission for deducting house tax in January salary despite the court outlawing the tax. 

Secretary General of Kuppet Akelo Misori on Wednesday said the union will take all measures to protect teachers’ income and benefits.

“This includes initiating a case of disregarding court orders against TSC regarding this House Tax levy issue,” he said.

Missori said they have seen the pay slips of several teachers showing deductions.

“Many members from all over the country have shown us their pay slips and they all show that the Commission deducted House tax from their salaries for January 2024,” Misori said. “This is in addition to the fact that there are clear orders from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal to declare the House Tax illegal and unconstitutional.”

Misori wanted a refund of the house tax money deducted from teachers’ salaries for January. Kuppet said the TSC could not give an excuse saying the deductions were made because they had already prepared the payroll.

“We have seen in this country that teachers are paid even on the 17th of the following month if there are minor issues on the salary list, now a major issue like this where the Court of Appeal has issued an order, it would be appropriate for all salaries to be returned to the bank so that the court’s orders are taken into account,” Misori said.

Misori said the TSC’s move to deduct teachers’ fees was illegal, which showed that the commission was ready to break the law. He said Kuppet wants the teachers to be refunded the money deducted immediately.

“We have also asked for an assurance from the Commission that it will comply with court orders going forward. Including and especially the House Tax orders,” he said.

Misori said the coalition never supports the 2023 Finance Bill which caused consternation among Kenyans.

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