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Truth behind the viral photo of Raila being crowned a King in Nigeria


There is a photo of Raila Odinga that has been making rounds on social media claiming he was in Nigeria. According to the photo, the image claiming to be Raila is seen being getting crowned as a king while seated on a modified seat with wings of a big bird.

This image has been used by Raila’s political foes to claim that he had gone to Nigeria to seek political dark powers by being crowned a king of Osun Osogbo in a private ceremony. This photo which was mainly spread on X app was used to paint Raila as an agent of dark world.

However, a thorough check on the photos using Google’s reverse search technology has established that the picture is fake and altered. The photo was originally taken in December 1977.

It was captured by AFP, an international news organization when Jean-Bedel Bokassa, who was the leader of the Central African Republic, was being crowned as an emperor. The color and quality of the image were altered in an effort to fool Kenyans. They substituted Bokassa’s head with Raila’s.

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