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TruePesa Loan App for Android Latest Version.

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TruePesa Loan App can provide an immediate loan to aid everyone in Kenya who require cash to expand and maintain their businesses, go shopping or any unforeseen emergencies.

Download TruePesa Loan App for Android

Download and Install “TruePesa” without any hurdle Below.

Check App – Meta Loan App for Android.

Online application

Register on TruePesa and submit loan application.

Get your loan on your M-Pesa

Application will be assessed and approved´╝îthen you will receive your loan through M-Pesa.

Repay on time, the credit limit will be higher

Timely repayments will increase your credit limit and allow you to apply for higher loan amounts in the future.

TruePesa Contacts

Customer service: +254719276399

Email: support@truepesa.co

Office address: juja road, business tower, office 4, ground floor, nairobi kenya.

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