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Top ten most popular content creators Youtube channels with high number of subscribers


There are so many content creators in Kenya. Content creation us one of the most common hustles that youths have ventured into due to high rate of unemployment in Kenya. Many youths are now self employed on their own channels and through this, they are earning good money.

  • Diana Bahati

Diana Bahati tops the list of most subscribed YouTube channels with over 892k subscribers and total views of over 132 million as of June 2023.  Her content revolve around family and her daily life. She is also a rapper.

  • Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto comes second with 774k subscribers and around 150 million YouTube views. His content is about loyalty test where he approaches two partners and check their phones if any is cheating on the other. This rhymes well with many youths.

  • Mungai Eve

Mungai Eve is a young lady who found her talent in content creation and media in 2020 when she started off her YouTube channel. Within that short time, she has over 721k subscribers and YouTube views of over 125 million. She engages in talk shows, interviews and street contents.

  • Desagu

His real name is Ithagu Kibicho and is a comedian. He has 699k subscribers and 105 million views since joining in 2016 August. He does comedy and his content is loved by many.

  • Njugush

He came to limelight after appearing in Churchill Show and Real House Helps of Kawangware. He does comedy and even family lifestyle contents with his wife Wakavinye and son Tugi. His channel has over 101 million views and 622k subscribers.

  • WaJesus family

Kabi and Milly are two lovers who call themselves as WaJesus because they say are born again. There content is family and couple goals. They have 631k people who have subscribed to their channel.

  • Crazy Kennar

He is arguably among the top comedians right now and he has a big crew which he works with. The Kenyatta University alumni has over 142 million views and 581k subscribers since joining YouTube in 2017.

  • Abel Mutua

He deals in jokes and storytelling in comical manner that earned him the name Mkurugenzi among his fans. He acted in Tahidi High. His channel has 42 million views and 452 k subscribers.

  • Miss Trudy

She does travel and lifestyle vlogs and her fans admire her simplicity and kindness. She is having approximately 55 million views and 381k subscribers.

  • Mzuka Kibao

This channel is the best in giving upcoming artists and entertainers platform to express themselves and expose their talents to the world. It is also dealing with human interest stories aimed at helping those in difficulties by exposing their stories to well wishers. It has 56.9k subscribers and 2.01 million views since 2018.

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