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Top 5 Toughest Courses and Careers in the World


There are dozens of careers and courses around the world. No single person can claim to know all the courses available for study globally. Among these courses, there are some which are so complicated and demanding while others are simple and easy to undertake. Here are the list of tough courses and the years taken to study them;


1. Pharmacy

This is the study of preparation and dispensation of drugs. Students who are interested in this course must be exceptional in biology and chemistry as the basic requirements. The course takes five years to study bachelors of pharmacy.


2. Medicine

Medicine is a course that many confuse with pharmacy. While pharmacy exclusively deals with drug preparation and dispensation, medicine deals with study of diseases and their treatment. One becomes a doctor after studying medicine. This takes seven years with the last three being for specialisation.


3. Engineering

Engineering is a very broad course as there are many types of engineers. For a bachelor degree, the course takes between five to seven years for one to become a full engineer. One needs to be excellent in mathematics and science to be able to study engineering.


4. Chartered Accounting

Chartered accountants are financial professionals who work in all fields of business and finance such as taxation, auditing and accounting. It entails studying for about five years and being good in mathematics is an advantage to take this course.


5. Architecture

Studying architecture is not as easy as many may think. This course is among the toughest courses in the world as it requires a lot in terms of psychological aspects and financial investment. It takes four years to earn a degree in architecture.


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