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Top 5 Most developed counties in Kenya


Kenya under new constitution 2010 was divided into regions that were named as counties. There are 47 counties in Kenya designated special codes ranging from 001 which is Mombasa county to 047 Nairobi City County. The counties are headed by governors who are elected by voters in that given county. The governors are mandated to have their own government structures and budgets.

There are some functions of National government that were devolved to county government such as public health, Early Childhood Development Education and others. This has made some counties to score high in terms of development compared to others. Here we look at top counties in terms of development,

1.  County 047- Nairobi City county.

This serving as the capital city of Kenya has to be the most developed as a lot of government projects are done here. It is the face of the country and so must be well developed to represent Kenya well.

Daily revenue that the Nairobi City county collect in a day is ranging between 20 to 33 million shillings in a day. This makes it easier for the county government to initiate development projects easily.

Current Governor is Johnson Arthur Sakaja.

2. County 042 – Kisumu city county

Kisumu county has seen tremendous change in terms of developement since the inception of devolved system. It has been ranked the cleanest city in Kenya and this is due to efforts by county government. They have seen the reestablishment of Kenya Ports Authority in the city and the Shipping yard.

Revenue collection is between 15 to 20 million a day and the county boss is professor Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o.

3. County 001 – Mombasa city county

This coastal city is the second largest in Kenya and former capital. It is among the oldest towns in Kenya built during colonial periods. Good road networks in the county and easy water movement along the coastlines are indicators of development.

Their revenue collection per day is way above 10 million shillings. Current Governor is Abdulswamad Nassir.

4. County 022 – Kiambu county

This county borders Nairobi county and many of Nairobi estates extend to Kiambu county. This makes it appear among most developed counties as projects done by Nairobi county government and national government extends to most part of it.

Being in the fertile Mount Kenya region, Kiambu county also gets development from their own sources of revenue such as agricultural products and tax from many traders in the county. It has good road networks and since they have produced two of the five Kenya’s presidents, it is well developed.

5. County 032 – Nakuru county

This is the newest city in Kenya after it was conferred with city status by former president Uhuru Kenyatta. This was due to its rapid growth and development.



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