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Top 5 best online jobs for university students in Kenya


Many university students always find themselves idle for lack of what to do to keep themselves busy. This has pushed some into bad vices such as crime and drug abuse. Those who get into crime do so in order to get money to cater for their daily needs. These vices have led to early deaths among them and even dropping out of school due to addiction or depression.

What leads to these students being so idle is the flexible university timetables that make them have a lot of freee time. One way of getting yourself busy is by looking for a part time hustle or side job that can help you in passing time and at the same time generating some cash. There are a lot of online jobs that will help a student earn money easily. All one needs is a stable internet connectivity, a laptop or a good mobile phone.

Here are five best online jobs,

  • Blogging

Blogging involves writing to promote a product or popularise an idea on social media or websites. There are several companies that have websites that they need to keep busy by having individuals who can keep them updated. This job is well paying and agreement can be per hour or any other ways you and the hiring company agrees.

  • Currency trading

Currency trading is the new type of job that has employed many youths in the country. There are many trading platforms that one can choose from. However, after getting the initial amount to begin the trading, one needs to get a trainer who will guide them till they are able to independently trade. Learning the market trends will help you to kniw when to buy or sell in order to earn a profit.

  • Academic writing

This involves doing scholarly writings for those who might be in need of one to write for them. You need to have a trusted account where clients can send their jobs and you choose the suitable one to do. It also requires wider connection to get more clients. The more you complete the assignments and get hire scores the more your ratings become.

  • Transcription

One can choose to be doing transcription where your are given an audio that you listen to then write down the information in an article form. This needs a lot of practice and once you are up to the task and created an account, you can easily get a job and earn good money just working from your campus hostel.

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