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Top 5 best football prediction sites


Betting is one of the ways youths and many people earn their daily lives. Betting on sports and games gives one a chance to win huge amount of money depending on their selections and stakes. Knowing which team to bet on is the main challenge to betting as it is hard to make correct predictions. Here are sites that can offer you trusted predictions on various sports;





This site makes use of statistical probability analysis of football experts. They base their predictions on algorithm generated from mathematical statistics. Forebet has over 200 leagues and they are absolutely free. It can be used both on app and website.






Football Whispers

It is rated by many as as the best prediction site as they provide football tips, free analysis,  clubs forms, statistics and many other aspects of football games. They cover several major leagues but mostly focus on English Premiere League. One main issue is that they do not have an app.










This site has been in existence since 1999 making it one of the oldest prediction sites around the world. It being old gives it the experience in making correct and reliable football prediction and they are free.











It is mostly paid prediction site and they give a well researched football tips and analysis for over 300 leagues around the world. It has three plans namely Free, Basic and Premium with basic plan going for $20 per month while premium is $35 per month.









Other than predictions SportyTrader is also a platform where one can place a bet. It offers well researched tips and has several promotions that are destined for their customers.