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Top 11 Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

Here is a list of Kenya’s highest-paying positions. We all aspire to obtain opulent positions with sizable income and benefits. But landing that ideal job with a good salary might not be simple. You must exert extra effort if you want to ultimately realize your life’s hopes and objectives.

Your topic of study or profession choice is another important aspect that could significantly affect your chances of earning a sizable salary in Kenya.

Top 11 Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

11. NGO/Civil Society Jobs

Non-governmental organizations are reputed to pay quite well. Donors, primarily foreign entities, provide funding to the majority of NGOs. This might be the cause of their high staff salaries.

All Kenyans would aspire to work for the United Nations and its agencies like UNEP and UNHCR, USAID, the World Health Organization, and World Vision, to name a few of the country’s prominent NGOs.

10. Media/ Journalism

You will undoubtedly concur with me that media figures in Kenya make six figures. This includes authors, news anchors, cameramen, and radio hosts. Everything depends on your capacity to captivate and gather large audiences. The likes of Caroline Mutoko, Maina Kageni, Jeff Koinange, Jalang’o, Mwalimu King’ang’i, etc. are notable media figures in Kenya who make millions.

9. Law

Once you establish and develop your brand, it is also a lucrative industry that can bring in a six-figure paycheck for you. The majority of lawyers in Kenya really run their own law companies that provide a range of services to clients, making them their own bosses. James Orengo, a senator from Siaya, Kenya, Katwa Kigen, George Oraro, Apollo Mboya, Otiende Amollo, Cliff Ombeta, Ahmednasir, etc. are notable instances of top-tier attorneys in Kenya who earn millions. It is dependent upon your hard work and effort.

8. Lecturers

Academic professionals known as lecturers are typically engaged to teach either full- or part-time at higher education institutions. One benefit of being a professor is having the flexibility to combine both your teaching duties and your own business, especially if you work part-time. However, it’s a challenging field, and in order to reap the greatest rewards, you must have the perseverance to pursue a Ph.D. For instance, elite university dons can make up to 500,000 shillings per month.

7. Politics

Although most people have the impression that politics is a “dirty game,” in reality, it is a lucrative industry and a means of achieving financial success. Kenyan politicians receive generous perks and allowances. There is no guarantee that this field includes the MPs, Governors, Senators, or MCAs. Political pundits, consultants, analysts, and activists are also included in this vast field. In this highly competitive industry, winning over fans and followers necessitates being intelligent, influencing, and having outstanding communication skills.

6. Information Technology ( IT)

It is a vast field that is expanding quickly as a result of technological developments and new market trends. In Kenya, the majority of businesses prefer to contract out their IT needs in order to keep up with changing consumer preferences. Due to the essential capabilities they provide to businesses, IT professionals are compensated well. In Kenya, without an IT specialist or department that deals with IT, no organization can endure or function efficiently.

5. Architecture

In Kenya, monthly salaries for architects exceed 300,000 shillings. They are the ones who organize, oversee, and design the building-construction process. Kenya’s real estate sector is expanding daily, giving architects a ready market to showcase their skills. The University of Nairobi and JKUAT are two of Kenya’s top universities for producing qualified architects.

4. Piloting/ Aviation industry

In Kenya and throughout the world, pilots are renowned to receive substantial wages. Additionally, it depends on the airline you fly with. Due to the high training costs that prevent the majority of people from pursuing it, it is a job that is not yet oversaturated. Kenyan pilots often make over Ksh 500,000 per month, with additional benefits and allowances.

3. Engineering

The field of engineering is quite diverse and includes several areas of specialization. Currently, getting a job after graduating from some engineering programs, like chemical engineering, could take a century. It’s usually a good idea to focus on career routes that are easily marketable and can land you a job. Software engineering, civil engineering, and structural engineering are some of the best fields of specialization. These engineering programs are now the most in demand in Kenya. The monthly salary for engineers might reach Kshs. 500,000.

2. Accounting and Finance

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics conducted a poll in 2018 and found that the financial industry pays its workers the most. The average salary for employees in the private finance industry is Kshs 1,759,562 per year, while the average salary for employees in the public sector is Kshs 1,703,860 per year. Since they are the true stewards of an organization’s funds, accountants and finance experts should be well compensated.

1. Medicine

In Kenya, doctors receive some of the highest salaries. One benefit of this career is the assurance of employment following graduation or study completion. The university’s 5-year medicine degree is followed by a 1-year internship program. The fact that you will have to deal with extended work hours and a variety of emergency calls is one of the career’s biggest drawbacks. In Kenya, the majority of physicians and surgeons make six figures annually.